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We build custom aftermarket motorcycle seats for every motorcycle. The seat can have a new height (low or tall), width, foam density, cover, etc. Ship your seat to us to modify or purchase a new one for $100 more (subject to model).

• Seats start @ $499.99
• 10"+ wide advised for riders seated 70%+
• Wider BIG Fish options are available.
• Lowered ½" - 1" at no extra cost.
• Read the order form for more pricing.


Custom Seat vs Seat Kits

You're fooling yourself if you think they perform the same.

The benefits of a custom motorcycle seat are additional width for support and your desired foam density for cushion. Most importantly, the seat is tailored to fit your riding position. Which equates to gobs more comfort.

• Any seat height
• Custom angles, reduced slope
• Relief area for tailbone/prostate discomfort
• Select vinyl grip, texture, color, etc.
• Specialized builds for snow bikes, motards, mini's, motopeds, etc.


Ride snow?

You need a wide seat.

If you put a lot of miles riding on the seat, you need a custom seat. Stop punishing yourself with stock seats and seat kits.

Seat Covers can be customized with choice of vinyls, texture, & thread. Your riding style and comfort can both benefit from the right cover.

• snow specific vinyls add grip in the cold
• add custom seat cover $59.99
• grip for all riding conditions
• textures for aesthetics
• colors to match your graphics

10" wide seat shown


Additional information

Need even more information, browse our FAQ page

Have your seat modified to be the most comfortable it can possibly be. Need a complete seat instead? We offer complete seats for $100+ more, depending on the model. Aftermarket foam molds won't compare to a custom made seat. Why? We make each seat custom to its rider by making the seat more soft, low or tall height, and wider for any dual sport or dirt bike style seat. If you want more comfort from your stock seat, then the key is added width which provides more support for a better foam density. Seats with a shallow OEM foam depth limit how low the seat can be made. Riders who sit forward over the pegs or against the gas tank may prefer the width up further, up to 6" wide over the pegs. This will make the seat feel taller and more difficult to straddle. We only do this if asked, but is a common build for supermoto bikes and snowbikes.

We recommend 10"+ width for riders who sit down the majority of the time, which may require a new custom cover of your choice ($59.99). As stock covers may limit top width due to available material. Don't like the grip of your current seat? We offer a grip for every riding situation. Wide and soft seats generally don't need aggressive grip covers. The added surface area and softer foam you sit into provide added grip/friction already. For snowbikes, we have snow specific vinyls available, ask.

Featured custom seat photos can be enlarged below. Click side of large image to navigate. More information and photos can be found on the other KTM, Fisher Seats, and FAQ pages. Want a brand new wide complete seat for your KTM, Aprilia, GasGas, Husqvarna, Beta, and so on? Click 'Add to Cart' below and/or email us an order form. The order form shows pricing options.

Steps to order a seat

  1. Browse forums to make sure we're the right build for you. (hint: "we are")
  2. Fill out an order form below. Email us with any questions.
  3. Ship us your seat or purchase a complete.
  4. Patience. 2 weeks of it, plus shipping time. 2022 backlog anomaly, check homepage for update

Some notes in reference to #1 above. Put more faith in fellow riders who have ridden more than 1 seat. That goes for all products. Regarding #3, include the form with shipped seat or email it to us. Complete seats do not have to be purchased below. That can also be done via email or over the phone. For what is shown on this page is not the full extent of what we can do with a custom seat.

Seat Comfort Graph

happiness graph

Featured custom seats

Priced as complete seats. Modify your seat for $100+ less. Price varies with cover choice and width. Built up to width shown or less if desired. Fill out an order form with purchase. 2 week turn-around.

500 EXC Seat

2012-16 500 EXC 10.5" wide

KTM top, Carbon side, Orange thread

Husqvarna Seat

2017-19 Husqvarna 9" wide

Aggressive factory cover, blue side

KTM Seat

2017-19 KTM 9" wide

Factory top, gripper side

YZ450FX Seat

2019 Yamaha YZ450FX 10" wide

Snow bike grip cover. Adds $39.99

CRF230F seat

2003-19 CRF230F/150F 11" wide

2009+ factory cover

KTM Seat

2008-11 KTM 9" wide

Factory top, orange side

Husqvarna snowbike seat

2023 Husqvarna FX450 10" wide

Snow top, Grey side

KTM SX-F snowbike seat

2023 KTM FX450 10" wide

Snow top, Orange OEM side

550 SXV seat

2011 Aprilia SXV 550 11" wide

Pigskin top, Black side

Dorsoduro seat

2014 Aprilia Dorsoduro 750 13"

Factory top, Carbon side

Aprilia RXV 450 seat

2007 Aprilia RXV450 9.5" wide

Factory top, Black side

SXV 550 seat

2008 Aprilia SXV550 9.5" wide

Bump top, Gripper side

F800GS seat

2010 BMW F800GS 11.5" wide

OEM cover

BMW G450x seat

2009 BMW G450x 10" wide

Blackbird cover, Carbon side

BMW G650x seat

2007 BMW G650x 10" wide

Factory cover, Carbon side

Beta 430RR seat

2015 Beta 430RR 11" wide, 1" tall

Factory top, Black side

Beta 450RS seat

2012 Beta 450RS 8.5" wide

Factory top, Gripper trim

Beta 450 RR seat

2013 Beta 450RR 9" wide

Factory top, KTM trim

GasGas EC300 seat

2006 GasGas EC200 10.5" wide

Factory top, Bump sides

GasGas EC300 seat

2011 GasGas EC300 10" wide

Factory top, Black sides

GasGas EC300 seat

2015 GasGas EC300 10" wide

Factory top, Gripper side

T-ride 250 seat

2010 Scorpa T-ride 250F 11" wide

Factory top, KTM side

4ride 260 seat

2017 Montesa 4ride 260 8" wide

Factory top, Gripper side

FE450 seat

2005 Husaberg FE450 10" wide

Factory top, Black trim

FE650 seat

2006 Husaberg FE650 8" wide

Carbon top, Black side, Blue accent

FE570 seat

2009 Husaberg FE570 11" wide

Pigskin top, Carbon trim

Husaberg FE501 seat

2013 Husaberg FE501 10" wide

Carbon top, Black sides, Blue accent

Husaberg FE570 seat

2010 Husaberg FE570 10" wide

Snow top, Carbon sides, Blue accent, Air vent

Husaberg FX450 seat

2011 Husaberg FX450 11" wide

Factory top, Blue sides

TM 530 MXfi seat

2016 TM Racing 530 MXfi 8" wide

Factory top, Carbon sides

Don't see your seat? Check the 'Brands' link at the top. Still don't see your bike? Email us. We build it.


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KTM 500 EXC seat
Husaberg FE501 snowbike seat
Aprilia SXV 550 seat
Aprilia SXV 550 seat
KTM 500 EXC seat
KTM 500 EXC seat
KX 450F seat
KTM 500 EXC seat
KTM 500 EXC seat
KTM 500 XC-W seat
Aprilia RXV 450 seat
FE570 snowbike seat
TM Racing 530 MXfi seat
KTM 350 XC-W seat

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