Custom Seat vs Seat Kits

Our custom seats = maximum comfort

Seats are never a one shape fits all. The benefits of a custom motorcycle seat are additional width for support and your desired foam density for cushion. Most importantly, the seat is tailored to fit your riding position.

-Any seat height
-Custom angles, reduced slope
-Relief area for tailbone/prostate discomfort
-Select vinyl grip, texture, color, etc.
-Specialized builds for snow bikes, motards, etc.


Custom Comfort Seats

Ship us your stock seat to modify or buy a complete.

Don't be dissatisfied with a generic seat.

- Starting @ $499.99
- Complete NEW seats add $100+
- 2 week turn around (2022 anomaly in effect)
- Ship worldwide


What sets our saddlebags apart?

Our saddlebags are model specific, not a generic fit.

In addition, our rack will flex when your bike is down. They don't bend or break like metal racks. Our saddlebags are built narrow for more centered weight. Allowing you to traverse rugged terrain without knowing the luggage is behind you.

- durable marine canvas (UV protected)
- delrin zippers
- light-weight @ 10 lbs
- easily removed
- water resistant


Popular complete seats

Priced with factory cover and choice of side vinyl. Built up to width shown or less if desired. Fill out an order form with purchase.

Husqvarna Seat

2017-19 Husqvarna 9" wide

Shown: Aggressive factory cover, blue side

KTM Seat

2017-19 KTM 9" wide

Shown: Factory top, gripper side

KTM Seat

2012-16 KTM 10" wide

Shown: Factory top, orange side

YZ450FX Seat

2019 Yamaha YZ450FX 10" wide

Shown: Snow bike grip cover. Adds $59.99

CRF230F seat

2003-19 CRF230F/150F 11" wide

Shown: 2009+ factory cover

KTM Seat

2008-11 KTM 9" wide

Shown: Factory top, orange side

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Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

I just got my seat back today and what a fine job you have done! Much nicer support on the rear end. I can’t wait to show it off to all my friends. Thank you.
Kurt B. - Beavercreek, OR

I received the seat today and WOW you do awesome work. This seat is perfect, it's just what I was looking for. I'm very happy. If anyone is talking about needing a seat, I will be sending them to you.
Shawn G. - Las Vegas, NV

I got the seat. You guys did a fantastic job. Very nice craftsmanship. Very comfortable. Fits me perfectly.
Chris H. - Farmington, MI

Seat got here yesterday. I am very pleased with the quality of your work. Went for a ride today, what a dif.!!!! I can't wait to show my riding buds. Thanks again for a quality product.
Don B. - Blountstown, FL

Absolutely love the seat. Mike and Jimmy say the same. A couple of riders in the park saw the seats and we gave them your name. I posted a note on the Thumper forum. Thanks again for your effort in getting our seats to us.
David O. - Edinburg, TX

I can almost flat foot the ground now. Love it. I can say the seat is great with almost 2500 miles of use. We did 465 miles in one day going and coming from the camp out at Enterprise. My backside never got tired and we rode a tank of fuel between stops. Can't say enough about the seat. I let several DR650 riders sit on the seat and try it out.
David S. - Lebanon, OR

Yesterday we got our seats and they look very nice. Work looks great. Today we took them for a big ride and they are GREAT!!! Very comfortable!!!! Just what I was hoping for! It was great doing business with you! And the next time I get a seat that sucks I will send it to you. Also I will recommend you to anyone who complains about their seat. As a matter of fact I already did today while I was out riding.
Richard S. - Bentley, MI

My wife has ridden on the new seat and is very pleased.
David W. - Kuna, ID

Seat looks GREAT. Much thanks!
Mike B. - Fort Wayne, IN

I got the seat last night and it looks great. You did a super job with both the foam and the cover. I can touch the ground which is a big plus.
Alan K. - Sewickley, PA

Real nice job on the seats.
Jay W. & friends - Ayer, MA

I just got the seat back today it looks great thank you very much.
Bob J. - Elliston, VA

The seat arrived Wednesday. Mounted it up and really like it. Many thanks.
Bob K. – Bristow, IN

Seat looks great, can’t wait to use it. Thanks again for the fast turn around.
Tom B. - New Lenox, IL

Really nice job. Far better than the factory seat.
Ted Z. - Royal Oak, MI

Slapped it on the bike and only did a little bit of riding but it already seems like it will be a good fit. The extra cushioning should really do the trick.
Taylor T. - Missoula, MT

Top quality craftsmanship on making seat wider!!!
Pete C. - Los Angeles, CA

I finally got to ride the SXV with your seat and I am very happy. It looks very good. Thank you. I'll post your contact info on the AF1 SXV bulletin board. They are big on the Renazco seats over there and I honestly find your seat better and you are easier to deal with.
Micky C. - Massapequa Park, NY

I just want to thank you for the fantastic saddles you made for Hyman's 950 and Vstrom sidecar rig. I flew up from Austin to spend a week ridin' around with him in the backcountry. Spent all day drivin' the hack on the Magruder, and another long day on 55 back to Boise; spent plenty time on the 950 too, and not once, for a moment, was I uncomfortable. Your saddles work better than my Renazco even, and I'm not knockin' his at all. That's some good work, there. Thanks. Next time I need saddle work, I'm callin' you.
Stephen S. - Austin, TX

Love the seat. I have three bikes and this one was ridden the least. Now it is my favorite. My butt thanks you.
Joel G. - Water Valley, TX

The seat worked great! I was able to sit down comfortably for a good portion of the ride. Thanks again for getting it done so quickly and beautifully. The seat looks very professional--can't tell it from stock. The other riders thought your craftsmanship was pretty slick...they may be calling you!
Jim K. - Utica, IL

Well I’m finally sending you some pics of the seat you did for me months ago on my 2006 Husqvarna TE 510. I LOVE the seat.
Peter L. - Gilroy, CA

The seat is awesome. Way more comfortable than gel or even stock. My dad is talking about sending his seat after seeing and riding mine, so expect another one from us. Thanks again for all your help and patience. I will spread the word about Fisher’s Upholstery.
Zach H. - Tahlequah, OK

Still working GREAT! I was very happy with the end product and it has made my 25 mile commute much better. Now to get some bar risers :)
Dennis C. - Dothan, AL

The seat works great.
Richard T. - San Francisco, CA

I got the seat! It looks great! I have a friend that is a tailor by trade and has been doing it for 15 years, his compliment is that he has a long way to go before he can do that! Nicely done. I have managed to put about 500 km on this weekend without a sore ass! I spent Sat on my bike for about 4 hours, mostly highway and 2 small offroad tours. I went where I normally take my decker and have passed by a trail so many times, wishing I could check it out. Sat I did and it was fun. I was curious if the extra width would get in the way when offroad, it did not. Another thought I had was it may stick out too far and get damaged if I dropped my bike, well I dropped my bike and nothing happened to the seat. I am very pleased. I believe my DRZ is now comparable to my sporty or 08 KLR and more comfortable than my old XS 650. Thanx again.
Shon C. - Elmira, Ontario, Canada

Thank you for the work on the seat. The seat looks good and feels good. Much better on my long commutes to work.
Mark G. - Luling, TX

I absolutely love the seat you made, it's perfect for me. I got a chance to put 5 hrs on it yesterday.
Nate K. - Yucaipa, CA

Quick and reasonably priced and I think the quality is great. I had a quick ride and the extra width is going to be much appreciated for my long dual sport rides next year. Overall very happy.
David B. - Dayton, OH

So far it feels very comfortable on the old bum. The quality of your work is excellent. Thanks a lot.
Terry N. - Holdrege, NE

Got my seat and I gotta tell you, it looks and feels fantastic! Definitely a big improvement over stock. Thanks again.
Dennis V. - Grosse Pointe Farms, MI

One nice thing is your seat is a full 3 pounds lighter than the Corbin seat. Important on a dirt bike where every pound counts. Thanks.
Paul S. - Huffman, TX

The seat looks very nice. You guys did a great job.
Brad C. - Cedar Hill, TX

Thanks the seat looks great it sits good in the garage I've been showing it off to people that stop by.
Geoff C. - Boulder, CO

The seat looked great and I am VERY pleased with it. You guys did an awesome job! Thanks so much!
Dennis S. - Chilhowie, VA

Got about 5 hrs on my GasGas since I got my seat is outstanding, many times better than stock. Thanks for excellent work.
William D. - Franklin, TN

Just got back from 5 days in the east fort rock ohv trail system(318 miles of trails just out of bend oregon). Put almost 400 miles on and I couldn’t be more happy with my seat. Slide up the tank to the narrow part of the seat for aggressive riding then drop back to the fat part in the open for comfort. Best of both worlds. Thought I’d send a thanks. Definitely will be recommending your mod.
Brian C. - Sandy, OR

Looks and feels great! Thanks.
Nate B. - St. Albans, VT

Thanks for your good work. I was only able to test ride for a few minutes but a good difference. Thanks again.
Dave N. - Gladstone, OR

Seats look real nice! Can’t wait to ride!!!
Ken W. - Roanoke, VA

Great fit & finish.
Simon W. - Rye, NY

I received the seat. It looks very nice. An OUTSTANDING seat. I highly recommend it.
Jeff F. - Shelby Township, MI

The seat showed up today and looks good.
Scot C. - Fullerton, CA

Looks great, thanks.
Trevor S. - Redmond, OR

Thanks. My riding life will be better.
Alfred B. - Southampton, NY

It looks great. Thank you.
Amador B. - San Francisco, CA

The seat arrived yesterday. It really looks great.
Alex V. - Austin, TX

The seat is fabulous! It looks great and Karen said it is a huge improvement over the stock seat. We rode about 30 miles today (pavement), and she said the seat is very comfortable and does not feel tall at a stop.
Mike O. – Hickory, NC
2009 Beta 525RS

Thanks Fishers you did a great job.
Scott L. – Jane Lew, WV
2010 Husaberg FE570

Got the seat the other day & it looked great! The foam you used was just right too! I appreciate your recommendations on what I needed to have done. It feels real comfortable. I'll definitely recommend you to everyone. Thanks again!
Sid S. – Newark, OH
2009 Yamaha WR250x

I ride about 30 miles DS on hwy 9 to Walker Valley ORV park so a seat I could sit on was needed. Long story short, I like, if not love the new seat. On the trail, technical, rocky, rooty single track, I do not even notice or think about my seat, perfect. Other than the part of the seat that now flares out behind my legs to widen the seat to 10 ½ inches. This is actually nice as it helps hold me in place when seated or partially seated but disappears when standing, again, perfect. The 30 mile ride home is tolerable, no I didn’t expect my father’s Gold Wing seat on my KTM but I stand at all stop lights to get a butt break. I would recommend the Fisher seat mod.
Toby N. – Marysville, WA
2012 KTM 500EXC

I got the seat and it looks great.
Greg G. – Carol Stream, IL
2008 Suzuki DRZ400s

Thanks for the great job on my XR400 seat.
Steve McClellan – Omak, WA
1997 Honda XR400r

I received the seat in good order. I put it on the bike and sat on it and am very happy with it. Thank you.
Andrew Y. – Bushell Park, Saskatchewan, Canada
2004 Suzuki DRZ400s

Got your seat for my KTM 690 R, great job!!
Jim W. – Camby, IN
2010 KTM 690 Enduro R

I love the seats, they are very comfortable. I was not sure how the XR400 seat was going to work for trail riding, being a little wider, but also a little lower it works great. I can ride longer without hurting. The 650R seat work great too. I have another XR 400 seat and a CRF450X seat that I am going to send you soon. I have nothing but good to say about FISHER SEATS. Thanks.
Steve M. – Omak, WA
2001 Honda XR650r

I have just got into more dual sporting and less all dirt riding and your seat is awesome!!! A couple of my club members and I have been working on laying out a AMA National Adventure ride next year here in the Houston area. Our day 1 course is right at 200 miles of many gravel roads with asphalt thrown in. I did this day on my KTM 450 EXC with an Enduro Engineering seat and could barely get off the bike at the end and my rear was so sore the next day I could barely walk. When I rode it with your seat it was no problem.
Ed K. – Houston, TX
2008 KTM 450 EXC-R

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the seat you modified for my Suzuki DRZ-400. I have to be honest, I was a little concerned with how the seat would look on my bike after being widened that much, but after putting it on, I am really happy with how it looks. The way you shape your seats out and the quality of work, the seat just flat looks good on the bike. And as to the comfort, well, it is a huge improvement over stock. Again, I am very impressed with the quality of work and I would definitely recommend you to a friend.
Mike D. – Tonasket, WA
2007 Suzuki DRZ400s

Got it today. Awesome job. Seat base fits great. No issues. Great job. thx again.
Bill D. – Victorville, CA
2004 KTM 525 MXC

I'd like to take this opportunity to write you a note expressing our immense satisfaction with our two Fisher Seats! We've been able to ride enough, this year, to make the determination that the money spent "Fisher-izing" the stock seats on our two Super Motards was the best investment we could have made to maximize the enjoyment delivered by our new street bikes. As you will remember, I have a brand new Corbin seat for my DR-Z400SM that cost me more than both of the two Fisher seats combined, had to be sent back to correct defects, and took 8 months to complete. It's no where near as comfortable as my Fisher seat, which was perfect on the first effort and returned in a week. Live and learn.
Ray F. – Aurora, CO
2009 Kawasaki KLX250sf & 2006 Suzuki DRZ400sm

Very nice. Cold here and very windy so my first ride on it was a short one, but so far I'm liking it. Thanks.
Jeff M. – Franklin, PA
2007 Suzuki DRZ400s

The seat is outstanding! I have referred 5 people to you and you have already done their seats too. So you have done 6 so far and I am aware of 3 more who will be sending you their seats this winter. Thanks again for getting mine out in such short order and I will keep on passing the word!!!
Bob M. – St. Louis, MO
2009 KTM 450XC-w

This is the best seat in the bike fleet. Fit, finish, and comfort are far above the other manufacturer's seats. The color scheme perfectly matchs the unusual color scheme of the DR. I completely endorse this product and the sales support from Fisher.
Lynn F. – The Woodlands, TX
1996 Suzuki DR650

Seat arrived today...I was looks and so far..feels great! You do some super work. Can't wait to show the rest of the club... will let you know if any leads come your way. Thanks.
Paul L. – Lake Ridge, VA
2009 Husqvarna TXC510

Seat feels great, perfect fit, excellent cover quality, thank you very much
Chris B – West Richland, WA
2006 Suzuki DRZ400s

The reason for this email is to tell you that your workmanship is incredible. You are a true journeyman in your trade. I couldn't be happier with how the seat turned out. Thanks again for a job well done!
Ron S. – Jefferson, MT
2008 Honda CRF230L

Just to let you know, the seat on this xr 650 is great. Makes the bike taller and harder to get on but once on and riding my rear no longer is painful in 5 minutes. THANKS.
Benji A. – Comfort, TX
2001 Honda XR650L

Thank you guys so much for making a seat that puts all others to shame. I was on a ride last weekend with my dual sport club. On Saturday, I left for a 130 mile day at 9am, I only stopped at the 44 mile and 88 mile marks because they were gas stops and purposely sat the WHOLE TIME, only standing for large hits. I stood a couple of times from the 88 mile to the finish on the road sections and also for large hits. I have NEVER been able to do that in the last 3 years that I've been riding dual sport. The next morning, I woke up bright and early at 6:30am to get a jump on the day, a 90 mile route, littered with downed trees, and a few gauntlets of mud and face and body slapping branches.THere wasn't any room for standing most of it, due to the low hanging branches. Forecast called for thunderstorms by 11am and I knew I'd have to ride it straight through to finish in time. I got on the trail by 8am, got hit with a ton of rain by 10am and pulled back into camp by 11:30. My rear feels like it's ready to keep on riding and that's NEVER happened before. I am sold, I wish I had done this sooner rather than spend $260 on two different EE seats. I had a lot of guys checking it out, making funny comments, like whatcha got there, a banjo seat? But once they sat on it, a smile would come across their face and they would say, WOW, that's comfy, and they liked how the front of the seat was still narrow and all business. I think you've got some new fans. You may be getting a few orders from our club now that more than a few guys actually sat on it.
David G. – Grand Rapids, MI
2009 KTM 300XCW

All is well. I absolutely love the seat. The extra 2" in length really helps the passenger too. Thanks again for the great seat.
Randy M. – Anaconda, MT
1995 Kawasaki KLX650c

It's really nice. The angles look good and the work, flawless. Thanks.
Randy A. – Brunswick, GA
Honda XR650L

I just wanted to let you know how much I like the seat you made for me. I've put about 600 miles on it now and I couldn't be happier. No more sore tailbone and I'm able to do 80 mile trails on Saturdays then repeat the next day. Looks great too. Thanks again.
Dan G. – Wenatchee, WA
2007 Suzuki DRZ400s

Didn't have a chance to ride the bike at all this summer. Rode it some this fall, been a busy year. So far it feels very comfortable on the old bum. The quality of your work is excellent. Thanks alot....
Terry N. - Holdrege, SD
Suzuki DR 650

I waited for several months to get some time on my Fisher seat for my 2018 KTM 500EXCF in order to get some serious time on it before providing a review. I now have well over 1,000 miles on my Fisher seat. I purchased the complete seat, 10.5” wide with extra soft foam and new seat cover. The seat is beautiful, fits perfectly and has excellent craftsmanship and material. I now have several three-day dual-sport rides and one AMA sanctioned event. Most of the dual sport rides are about 80% street and 20% dirt with the AMA event being 80% rocks, 10% dirt and 10% street. On every ride I was traveling between 150 – 250 miles a day and I could ride for hours without getting off the bike with virtually no discomfort to my bottom. Since I put the Fisher seat on, I have never got off the bike to rest my bottom. I am sold, my Fisher seat has allowed me to use my KTM 500 EXCF as an adventure bike, I could not be more pleased.
Chris M. - Salem, VA
2018 KTM 500 EXC-F

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